Lighthouse Christian Academy

Our Focus


Jr. High and Sr. High students encompass a wide range of developmental aptitudes and desires, and LCA attempts to address those needs by providing upper level students the opportunity to choose from 50 different class options!


Students who attend Lighthouse Christian Academy have the opportunity to learn from skilled and caring teachers while building relationships with other students.


An exceptional nursery and educational preschool, managed by LCA, is available for the younger siblings of LCA members.


We are very pleased that our Lighthouse Christian Academy Yearbook has won four blue ribbons at the Ozark Empire Fair in the Adult / Child Project category!

Providing a safe, fun, and loving environment for friendships and learning.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is a cooperative community of home school students and their parents. Originally begun, as Lighthouse Gang, with four families as an opportunity to build friendships, Lighthouse Christian Academy has expanded to involve over 120 families who meet on a weekly basis to engage in a variety of educational opportunities. Our organization strives to follow Biblical principles and provide a safe, fun, and loving environment for friendships and learning. Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is a parent-involved cooperative. One parent or guardian is required to be a part of LCA each week. There are a variety of opportunities for parental involvement that span various aptitudes and abilities.

Leadership Team

Friendly, dedicated staff

Tammy Chambers


Brittany Curry

Co-Director, Finances, Elementary Coordinator, & Purchasing

Julie Davis

Building Facilitator

Christin Harrison

Membership, Waiting List & Senior Graduation

Emily Miller

Jr./Sr. High Coordinator & Student Scheduling

Beth Webster

Nursery/Preschool Coordinator, and Party Coordinator

Deb Whittington

Family Directory, Attendance & Technology

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